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Filed in Blog, Sex and Paralysis by on December 30, 2013 2 Comments • views: 1657

Here I discuss vibrators for men and women with spinal cord injury or reduced sensation. When most people think of vibrators they think of vibrators for women. However, vibrators serve a purpose for both men and women with spinal cord injury.
FDA approved medical devices like the Ferticare and Viberect by Reflexonic are prescribed by medical doctors for the indication of ejaculatory dysfunction in men with spinal cord injury. Vibrations delivered at a specific amplitude and frequency have been proven to provoke ejaculation in many men with certain spinal reflexes still intact. A side effect for many has been pleasure, orgasm, and a temporary decrease in spasticity.

Research on orgasm in women with spinal cord injuries also validates the use of vibrators as an aid to overcome orgasmic dysfunction.

Thanks to Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear for support in making this video.

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  1. anwar says:

    hello Dr. Tepper,
    please can tell me where can i find the male vibrator (with to points) which you use it in the video. any information the factory or catalogue number.


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